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oct 26-28


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For almost two decades, Pastor Brandon Clack has preached the Gospel of Jesus with a fiery passion, an unwavering conviction and a genuine love for all who have yet to experience Jesus’s saving grace. He has an undying commitment to reveal Jesus to anybody, anywhere, and everywhere.


A leader’s leader and a passionate speaker, Pastor Brandon’s influence has extended beyond his ministry assignment as Senior Pastor of Reformation Memphis, and has even impacted thousands across the country by way of his podcasts, books, and insightful insights that’s digitally displayed online.


Beyond being trusted with leading and impacting lives with the Gospel, Pastor Brandon’s most prized responsibility has been leading and loving his family including his beautiful wife, Cristabel Clack, and their amazing children, Zion, Nyla, Noah, and the late Zoey Moriah. Together, God has used them as a beacon of hope and a testament that even in life’s uncertainties, God’s healing power is central to causing all things to work together for the good of all people and to the glory of God.




Dawkins was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. In an interview, Dawkins talked about getting married: "I went to college at Clemson, and she (Connie) transferred there my second year, after one year at Jacksonville University. The night before going back to school our junior year, I asked her to marry me. Her grandfather gave us $100. Fifty-nine dollars for my ring and $41 for hers—and we eloped. We went to the Justice of the Peace."He first saw his future wife, Connie Kerrin, in junior high school and began dating her while attending William M. Raines High School; she was a majorette while he played football and basketball. They graduated in 1992.In early 2007, Dawkins and his wife had twin daughters, Chonni and Cionni. Both daughters were born two months premature but are now both perfectly healthy. Dawkins, with his wife, Connie, also have two other children, Brian Jr. and Brionni. Brian Jr. is currently playing for the Clemson Tigers as a cornerback. After eloping in 1994, the couple had a wedding ceremony with family and friends at the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel in July 2009. Dawkins is a Christian. Dawkins has said that his Christian faith has helped against depression and suicidal thoughts.During his NFL Hall of Fame speech, Dawkins said, “Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for blessing me with the sense to understand that I did not do everything by myself … You have guided me the whole way, orchestrated my life … You stayed faithful to me, and I cannot wait to see what You’re going to do with me next.”




Founding and Lead Pastors, Matt and Sarah Keller had it in their hearts, as high school sweethearts, that they wanted to be local church pastors. They also knew that “planting” a church somewhere was a great way to do that. God has used them to lead Next Level Church from 30 people, at its grand opening in 2002, to now over 3,400 people in three locations.

A piece of the Next Level Church vision has always been to be a multi-site church, with locations stretching across Southwest Florida, so that no one will have to drive more than thirty minutes to attend and be involved. The vision to become a multi-site church came to pass as our locations extended beyond our Fort Myers Location and into our East Location in March of 2014, and the Cape Coral Location in February 2021!




Edgar Alvarez along with his wife Charisse are the founding pastors of High Place Church. Home grown in Brooklyn NY, but are currently in the South Jersey area. The 10 year old church was conceived during a 21 day fast where the Lord spoke clearly through his word to Pastor Edgar about how Solomon would go to the great high place at Gibeon and offer sacrifices unto God while he had it in mind to build the house of the Lord, and God appeared and spoke to Solomon.

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