Run the Distance

Check out this message from Pastor Dawn.

Quitting My Religion

Check out the latest series from Pastor Ted!!!

Who Am I? Exposing the Power of My Potential

Check out the latest message from Pastor Ted.

Answering the Call

Check out Pastor Dawn's Latest series!!!

His Strength for My Weakness

Check out the latest message from Pastor Ted!!!

The Choice Is Yours

Check out the latest series from Pastor Ted

Pastor Dawn Single Message Series

A collection of single series message from Pastor Dawn

He Came Back...... Will You? The Power of the Resurrection

Check out the Resurrection Sunday Message from Pastor Ted!!

God's Family Values

Check out the latest message from Pastor Dawn

Free Indeed

Sin creates slaves who believe that they are free, but haven’t experienced the true freedom that comes from life in the Father.

The Greatest Love - God My Father

It is God's desire for that we dedicate our lives to being sons and daughters instead of restraining the flesh to obey Him.

From Our Pastors

Information from our pastors to you!!

Coming Out of Carnality

We will take a look at the carnal nature of man and discover that everyone has areas where they need to grow up and come out of carnality!!

Make Us Aware

Before the Body of Christ can see can truly see God's glorious nature, we need to be aware of His presence.


The gift of Emmanuel is God’s single greatest expression of His acceptance and love towards you.

Take Your Stand

To receive God's restoration in our lives we have to stand and resist fear.

Do You Really Know Him

Learning the True Nature of God

Pastor Ted Single Message Series

Various Single Series Messages From Pastor Ted

Restore: From Death to Life

Become the You that God Knew Before You Were Born

Home Training

Home Training

Not Guilty

Not Guilty



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